16 Feb 2022

Young CLIBBERS learn about sustainable business practices

As a build up for CLIBs Business and Psychology Week (taking place on the week of the 28th March) where students in Forms 1 to 9 will have the opportunity to set up their own business venture, students in Forms 2 to 7 have been engaging in structural education of key business concepts with the FunFinance Business Basics program(https://funfinanceacademy.com/).

Throughout the 8 week course students will discover what the economy is, how it connects to their world and the role each citizen plays as a producer and a consumer. Students will learn what a business is, to recognise different types of resources, to make profit calculations and even to practice some basic accounting.

Designed to teach sustainable business practice, the course also addresses sustainable development goals provoking learning around the scarcity of resources, the responsibility of businesses towards its employees and consumers’ willingness to pay a fair price.