11 Feb 2022

CLIB students raising awareness for others to communicate acts of bullying

For the dictionary, “bullying” is the set of mistreatment, threats, coercion or other acts of physical or psychological intimidation carried out on a continuous basis on a person considered weak or vulnerable”. in Priberam Dictionary of the Portuguese Language

For Form 9 students, it is an important subject for the “Social Campaign”, due to the seriousness with which it must be taken by the entire community and not only by victims and aggressors. Society must, therefore, adopt an attentive and intervening look, alerting and denouncing, without fear, any situations of “bullying”, in the various social spheres.

In an era where digital is asserting itself as an integral part of the experiences of kids and adults, we must also pay relevant attention to virtual and online life, adopting the same civic, respectful and attentive attitude towards those who are just a click away, hidden by screens, but with the same sensitivity as physical presence.

Let’s be attentive and report it!