Our Mission Statement

We understand that the world tomorrow will demand of its citizens the ability to reason well and ethically; the flexibility to adjust to an ever changing reality; the fortitude to withstand the onslaught of new and formidable unknowns;

The sensitivity to understand the fragility of our environment and the delicate quality of human achievement; the literacy to manage, to one’s best advantage and for the greater good of the community, the proliferation and inherent complexity of communication modes; the love and faith in humanity so indispensable to life in our small and diverse world.

These learning goals can be best achieved in an environment, which constructs itself as a democratic, just and liberating community. At the heart of CLIB are its students, faculty, parents and associates, a community determined to learn from experience and challenge and to excel in whatever they do.

Their close work with each other in a caring and stimulating environment remains CLIB’s greatest asset and best assurance for tomorrow. Thus, the primary commitment of CLIB is the preparation of students to be literate, competent, educated, skilled, informed citizens, appreciative of the arts, capable of critical thinking and problem solving, and able to meet the transforming challenges of a complex, interdependent and pluralistic world.

CLIB’s educational plan guarantees the right of all children and students to access and participate, in a full and effective way, in the same educational contexts, promoting the intervention of a multidisciplinary team, in order to accompany children and young people. who need a timely and individualized response, given the potential challenges of their school career, thus complying with the provisions of -Law nº 54/2018, concerning Inclusive Education.

CLIB recognizes that reality is the natural context for children’s learning activities. Therefore, pedagogic contents should derive and be processed within a context as close to reality as possible. This also means that the learning context, while recognizing the specific conditions of the lives of children, should not be rendered infantile. We believe that children are beings endowed with an innate capacity for learning, with a creative spirit, and with the ability for responsible action. CLIB affirms the holistic nature of human knowledge and the interconnectedness of all human endeavours. Its program of studies reinforces these notions through integrating research projects, thematic work, and other available means. We realize, however, and take duly into account that the wide educational system validates students’ achievement according to the traditional segmentation of knowledge into disciplines.




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