18 Apr 2020

CLIB prepares in one month almost 6,000 solidarity meals

For one month now, CLIB, together with many volunteers, has been preparing and distributing two meals a day to people who are in a vulnerable situations and who do not have any other support, in this time of the pandemic,. There were many volunteers who have embraced this challenge and joined CLIB in this project of solidarity meals. During Holy Week and throughout the Easter weekend, CLIB provided meals to those who did not have it and after completing 1 month of “service”, CLIB reveals the numbers: 5,925 meals were prepared and distributed in this period.

The collaborative network that was generated around this project is large, works in true partnership, and is fuelled by the different synergies between public and private entities, companies and organisations in the social sector. Thanks to the many volunteers and donations, that keep growing everyday – piling up this chain of solidarity, it has been possible to increase very significantly the number of meals served and the people supported. The number of beneficiaries is growing daily.

CLIB continues to appeal to the solidarity of the community in order to continue with its mission of helping others, calling for the donation of food that can make up meals; groceries, home-made cakes, vegetables, eggs and fruit, or complete meals already prepared and packaged, are valuable contributions.

“Solidarity does not live isolated and cannot be quarantined,” is the motto of this emergency initiative created in the Colégio Luso-Internacional de Braga.