24 Mar 2020

CLIB students win creative writing contest

In the challenging times we are living, we want to share inspiring stories of hope for the future!

CLIB students António Vale and Carlos Lorenz are the winners of a creative writing contest, under the theme “Green Revolution”, promoted by the European Project READ ON, Reading for Enjoyment, Achievement and Development of yOuNg people https://readon.eu/en/home


The students won, respectively, in the Portuguese and English category, with the texts that can be found at the link: https://readon.eu/magazine/article/id=316L4/resultados_do_concurso_de_escrita_criativa

Their texts will be published in a special edition of the English magazine: Spark Young Writer (https://www.sparkwriters.org/), published on the READ ON project website (https://readon.eu/en/home) and, eventually presented at the 2020 literature festivals, organized by the project partners.

Congratulations, António and Carlos!