05 May 2023

Science Week

2023 may well be regarded in the future as the year in which AI became ubiquitous in our lives. ChatGPT is the most rapidly growing technology being adopted by humans in all its history, which brings tremendous challenges already to the present, let alone the future. It’s important we all know what it is, the huge potential it brings to us and the risks it poses. This is true also in the realm of science. Its ability to work and interpret colossal amounts of data makes it the perfect ally in scientific investigation. However, its inability to understand the concept of Truth makes it also a danger if used without Human supervision. In this context, it is important to understand beforehand what Science is and how it works.

On the first week on May, CLIB held its annual Science Week which focused on these topics. Students had the opportunity to attend what was probably the first ever school assembly (partly) delivered by AI; they explored the world of coding on a school boot camp; upper school, lower school and infant department students worked together to develop and explore scientific activities and concepts, and, of course, all upper school and form 4 students developed and presented their own science projects on the annual science fair. Once again, students are to be praised for all the hard work and commitment shown throughout this week. We’re all proud of them and expect even more for science week 2024!