15 Feb 2023

Kindness Week 2023

This week there are many Clibbers wearing a superhero cape. No one is indifferent to this chain of kindness.

Kindness Week takes place from February 13th to 17th, a week that the school celebrates every year, developing solidarity activities and gestures of kindness that specially, during this five days, will guide the thoughts and attitudes of its students. This year, held simultaneously with the arts week, the “Arts and Kindness Week” brings together our community and parents are invited to participate, at home and at school, where they come to share personal stories and from all around the world, in the first person. Throughout the week, the two events complement each other, with moments of reflection and many activities that will encourage gestures of generosity and altruism in the community and artistic exhibitions at the school, related to the theme of “kindness”.

Happy Arts and Kindness week to all CLB Superheroes!