08 Nov 2021

CLIB students take part in world-wide UBUNTU Leaders Academy Conference

The UBUNTU philosophy states that “you can only be a person through other people”.  Today, this also means a world-wide social academy that will gather online over 600 young leaders from 190 countries and 4 Nobel Prize winners, with a common dream of building bridges while emphasising the idea of unity and diversity.  This will take place through 5 different seminars, between 24th October and 19th December, where our students will have the opportunity to participate in the outstanding debate that will go on between all delegates.

CLIB students have contributed towards this initiative by promoting the campaign in all 190 different countries (last June 2021), as well as by developing dossiers containing background information of all the keynote speakers (September, 2021).  Our students have therefore earned the opportunity to participate in the seminars, and contribute to pressing issues which include upholding human rights, social justice and sustainable development.