03 Oct 2019


On the 2nd and 3rd of October, BRAMUN 2019 was held at Dom Diogo Sousa Museum in Braga. Schools from Porto, Leiria and Lisbon joined our CLIB students for two days of intense and fun debate. In order to commemorate the milestone that is CLIB’s 20th birthday, the main theme was the Sustainable Development Goal 4: Education.

BRAMUN is an academic activity where students learn diplomacy and international relations in a United Nations simulation. Students recreated the General Assembly, Security Council and G20 to discuss pertinent issues such as Inequality in Education, Technologies and Sustainability. The debate was complemented by Keynote Speaker Ms. Rita Martins, who shared her experience of working in Africa with the HODI foundation.

Students also had an opportunity to bond and make new friends at the Social Event dinner, which is also an integral part of being a diplomat.