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Summer Programs



The objective is to allow children to socialise and interact with each other, practice sports, and learn other activities that are not included in the curriculum in a way that enriches their personal, social and cultural experiences.
All extra-curricular activities (CLIBclubs) are suspended whenever there is a school break. These activities form part of an extended, optional school program, which starts at 16:00. Provision is made for transport and accompaniment to locations where some activities take place. The clubs work as a self-governed program directed by its own co-ordinator that, having daily contact with other teachers, ensure curricular connection with all the other programs of the College.

The CLIB clubs include the following components:
Sports and Recreational Activities: swimming, tennis, karate, horseback-riding and various games.
Arts: creative activities, dancing, ballet, drama and music and movement.
Music: guitar, organ, clarinet, violin, music education and choir.
Academic Enrichment: supervised study, Incentive programs in different areas of learning, computers and other languages.
Religious Education for CLIB’s Catholic community: Catechises with 5 levels (I – First year of preparation for the first communion; II – Second year in preparation for the first communion; III – Third year in preparation for the first communion; IV – First year in preparation for the Profession of the Faith; V – Second year in preparation for the Profession of Faith.)
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