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Student Admission
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Student Admission
The Braga International School is a co-educational and non-denominational school.
Admission to the school is based on assessment of documentation and an interview (interviewing member appointed by the Board of Directors) with the prospective candidate and his/her family, where essential information about the educational model of CLIB will be given.
The Principal is responsible for the registration of all students.
All applicants to CLIB are considered regardless of their ethnicity, religion, sex, or national origin. Students with learning disabilities, who require additional specialized instruction not currently available at the school, may not be considered for admission, at this time.

A profile of each candidate is developed, which includes quantitative and qualitative data. The former involves test results and school records, such as grade and progress reports, exam and test results, psychological and/or psychiatric assessments, etc. Qualitative data includes student interviews, home assessments, personal observations made by staff.

Students are integrated into work groups according to their age, maturity and other factors such as level of attainment. The number of students per group is defined annually, based on the different characteristics that compose the various groups.
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